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Welcome to Nuance Lighting, your home of everything to do with customized lighting projects in Central Florida and beyond. Our illumination specialists will guide you through the lighting process while paying special attention to detail within every aspect of your request. Nuance Lighting specializes in Event Lighting, Stage Lighting, Theater Lighting, Trade Show Lighting and Wedding Lighting in addition to accepting miscellaneous projects that cannot be categorized in the aforementioned list. Contact us for more information about your lighting needs!

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Our expert staff in the Event Lighting department will utilize our vast array of equipment to bring your dream lighting project to life. Picture your perfect event’s setting… now picture it without any lighting. Proper lighting sets the stage for the rest of the event to unfold naturally and in the right mood. From corporate meetings to sweet 16 parties, Nuance Lighting will take care of it.


LED lighting is quickly becoming a crowd favorite, and rightful so due to its energy-saving, heat-minimizing and long-lasting properties as well as its brilliant color reproduction capabilities. Our Theater Lighting and Stage Lighting departments utilizes the highest fidelity of lighting equipment for their productions. From dynamic performances to single-act scenarios, we’ll make sure the audience is immersed in a truly unforgettable showcase of lighting.


We understand what works and what doesn’t in Trade Show Lighting. Allow us to demonstrate our experience through the proper setup of your trade show booth or kiosk. Again, LED lighting plays a significant role in the success of the project. The most common type of Trade Show Lighting for physical display booths is the clamp-on display, although LED rope, LED tape and LED up lights have been easily manipulated to produce even better results in the field. Check out our Trade Show Lighting page for more information.


Allow us at Nuance Lighting to help you cherish the moment with our Wedding Lighting projects. Monogram necessary… no problem! We offer a variety of lights for specific times of the wedding including dance floor strobe lights and mashal lighting for that vintage, classy look. Check out our Wedding Lighting page and let’s take the first steps in accomplishing your dream wedding.