Nuance Lighting has been serving Central Florida and beyond with the finest quality Lighting Equipment for several years now. We specifically offer equipment for various projects including Event Lighting, Stage Lighting, Theater Lighting, Trade Show Lighting and Wedding Lighting. In addition to the aforementioned projects, our lighting company services a diverse area of lighting sectors. Contact us for information so we can work together to set up a custom project just for you.

DSC_0115Our lighting design is unparalleled by the competition. We employ only the finest and professional lighting designers, which allows us the privilege to be considered a top-notch lighting designer here in the state of Florida. Whether you need the dance floor strobing, the bass bumping, center stage shining, or the trade show booth elegantly glowing; Nuance Lighting is the lighting company that will make it happen efficiently and professionally.

We at Nuance Lighting look forward to creating your lighting project and making it as unique as the event allows. The finished product will be sure to delight your guests and attract those around. Get in touch with us today so we can begin working on your dream project!